Why Dingoo A330 console with wireless controller?

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Published: 02nd June 2010
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Some peoople may wonder why there is wireless controller for Dingoo A330?

If you pay a little more attention that you will find out that Dingoo Technology designed A330 in order to let user to play games,watch movie or player's own MV without download .take off the TF card or connect it with computer . Now, you do it on LCD screen .

Dingoo a330 buy,a330 controller

When people buy a Dingoo A330,They may be wondering whether to buy a controller?Here we have to say that you are keen to handheld console and do not like to play game on big screen,then controller is no need at all .However, if you would like to play the game more exciting and do more skills that cannot get them from handheld,you need a controller.Feel like you are playing the 360 or PS3.But it never cost you too much money.The world economy crisis doesnot come to a end,in some way ,we need to keep more money in our pocket .

Play the 8 bit games via Dingoo console is kinda way to review our childhood.But this time , Dingoo A330 and the 6 axis controller will bring you a modern skills to the thousands of GBA/SFC/SNES/FC/NES/MD/MVS/NEO-GEO/CPS1/CPS2/LynGOO/GBC/SmsGGOO games .With the Wireless receiver module built-in,equipped with specialized 2.4GHz wireless game controller.Right here, let 's just think about why Microsoft gives a wireless controller to 360 .That 's it .

Let's see more about the Dingoo wireless controller ,

For Dingoo A330 handheld game player.
2. Built-in 2.4GHz wireless transmitter, adapt for remote controlling Dingoo A330 handheld game player.
Use 2XAA alkaline batteries.
Working distance up to 8m, maximum is 10m .
6-axis inductive movement function.
Channel- mating function between the game pad and the receiver.
Rubberized grips with comfortable feeling when use.

How much ?

Only 127.99$.You can play the old but memrable games via Dingoo console

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